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About Us:

Vegetal Wellness Clinic is a group of AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited, Natural Colour People Since 1996, believes into Dance on the Rhythm of the Mother Earth. AMA landmark history starts since the time when colourant industry disturbed the Rhythm of the Earth. At that point of time AMA visualized the future environmental hazards and decided to start research and development on natural and herbal products. As a result first research product “Extract form of Natural Dyes” launched in the year 1996 and AMA was emerged.
Today, AMA is the World Leader in Natural Textile Dyes, and the only successful company in commercialization of Extract form of Natural Dyes formulation. Company follows “Best out of Waste” practice and works to preserve the environment from pollution causing industrial discharge. AMA develops unique products for water conservation when world in encountering to save every drop of the water. Concept of the company is organic and herbal for the wellness of the people.
AMA products are exported to more than 32 countries across the world, including the USA, Europe and Asian Countries. Company’s turnover is increasing at a rate of 70-80% every year for the last three years in a row.

Certificates & Accolades:

AMA has number of Recognitions & Quality Standards Certificates from various government & non government organisations from India and abroad.

  1. ISO: 9001-2008
  2.  GMP : Ministry of Health Government of India
  3.  DSIR : Ministry of Science & Technology Government of India 
  4.  Department of AYUSH: Ministry of Health Government of India 
  5.  Dubai Municipal Corporation Certificate 
  6.  GOTS: Control Union of Netherlands 
  7. REACH: European Union
  8. CRISIL Rated Company (NSIC-CRISIL SE2B)

Research & Development:

For our unique products that we have invented and commercialized, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, recognized innovations made by us in the field of “Natural Colouring”, making AMA a recognized In-House R&D Centre.

“People in the world over aspire to get one unique product or service to their credit. But we at AMA already have five unique products which are benefitting humanity.”

This is to thanks our dedicated in-house R&D team, headed by Mr.Mazhir Raza, Technical Director, AMA. He has more than 20 years of experience in the R&D of natural products. He is well supported by a dedicated team of professionals who have vast experience in their respective fields. The team is relentlessly working on the development of newer and better natural products.

Diversifications and Divisions of AMA:

Natural colours remain the first love of AMA. To use them optimally in different fields, the company has diversified into Natural Dyes for Textile, Natural Hair Colour as Bio Pharma Actives, Herbal Gulal : Best Out of Waste, Colour Powder for Sporting Events across the globe and further to Vegetal Wellness Clinic. Below find the names of the Diversifications and Divisions of AMA:

  1. Vegetal Wellness Clinic:

    Vegetal Wellness Clinic is a bridge between the people and the dermatologist, towards the wellness of the whole community. Only the dermatologist’s guidance in choosing the right product according to skin type can result in a glowing and healthy skin. This is the aim of the Vegetal Wellness Clinic.

  2. Vegetal Bio Actives (Derma Division) :

    AMA has developed World’s first PPD Free Hair Colour in dark colours. This is being marketed as Vegetal bio Colour. It was launched in the UAE in 2006, Vegetal is now a well established brand.
    Certification: Vegetal Bio Colour is approved by the Dubai Municipality and SGS India Ltd.

  3. Natural Textile Dyes :

    AMA specializes in extract form of natural dyes. These natural dyes have their application on cotton, wool and silk. Bio-Indigo® is the main research product in this segment and the denim industry is the biggest customer for this.

    Certification: Our natural dyes are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS) by Control Union of Netherlands.

  4. Herbal Gulal Division:

    Using left over colour of natural dyes from textile, the company developed the use of this colour in making Herbal Gulal. The product was made for use in the Indian market at the time of “Holi”, but got huge success in the international market of fun sporting events and races.

    Certifications: Our Gulal is certified by cosmetic standard of the European Union.

Work Culture & Values:

AMA believes in building relationships and strengthening values. Our focus is on long term associations, not short term results. We work as a family for the growth of our organization. At the same time, the organization looks after the growth and development of every individual.

We believe in giving the customer the best product, best service and much more than what he even expects from us. More than customer retention, we believe in customer relations and customer delight.

AMA always follows sound business ethics-we deliver what we commit and this is our success mantra.

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