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Q1) What is Vegetal Wellness Clinic concept?

Ans) It is a concept where we introduce you with your dermatologist friend who will help you to keep healthy and be beautiful by taking care of your skin. Their guidance will help you to select appropriate product for your skin.

Q2) Do I need to apply sunscreen lotion even if I am at work whole day in the office?

Ans) Yes, it will be preferred to apply Sunscreen Lotion because 80% of premature aging occurred due to the sun exposure. Even a few minute exposures to the sun can cause hyperpigmentation and premature aging. Indoor lights also lead to break down the collagen fibres and result in aging as of the UVA rays and hence application of sunscreen lotion protects your skin from pre-mature aging even if you are in the office whole day.

Q3) Why should I use an eye cream regularly as part of my daily habit?

Ans. Aging is more evident around the eyes because of the delicate area of the skin around the eyes is thinner and therefore blood vessels become more visible and reveal dark circles or hollow marks. Hence, preventing your eye area by applying Under Eye Dark Circle Cream regularly over night will help you to make under eye area more radiant.

Q4) Why we need a Dermatologist in our day to day life?

Ans. We regularly read in news papers, magazines and other media, about the incidence of skin allergies caused by cosmetic products. Dermatologists are deeply concerned about the use of harmful chemicals in these products, even by leading brands. The need today is for a dermatologist friend who not only builds awareness about how to take care of our skin, but also helps us to choose the right product that suits our individual skin type.

Q5) I am pregnant, please guide me how I protect my skin in this crucial stage of my life?

Ans) We Vegetal Wellness Clinic recommends you to apply those products recommended by dermatologist which are safe skin care options for you as well as your baby.

Q. 6) I’d like to be added to your mailing list?

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Q7) How many times in a day dermatologist recommend face clean up?

Ans) Two times in a day is recommended by the dermatologist because often use of face washes may result in over drying of the skin.

Q8) What are the timings for contacting?

Ans. Its open 10AM – 6PM Monday to Saturday IST to answer your questions.

Q9). What if I didn’t find my question here?

Ans. If you have a question that’s not answered in our FAQ’s, we want to hear it. Simply send your question via our contact us page.

Q10) Is my information secure?

Ans. You can be assured that personal information collected through website is secure.

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