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Dermatologist Advice Is Essential For Cosmetic Selection!

The skin is the largest organ of our body and hence you can estimate its importance. It also covers and protects our internal organs from head to toe. Care of the skin is therefore vital for our well-being. The issues faced on account of skin related problems are such that we now feel the need for a dermatologist friend in our day to day life!

Why do we need a Dermatologist?

Today, consumers are constantly being bombarded with advertisements of a variety of cosmetic products. The media tries to make these products as visually attractive as possible, to play on the consumers’ psychology and influence his preferences. However, the consumer is not aware of the real effect these products are likely to have on her skin.

We regularly read in news papers, magazines and other media, about the incidence of skin allergies caused by cosmetic products. Dermatologists are deeply concerned about the use of harmful chemicals in these products, even by leading brands. Many renowned brands use Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) in their hair colour product, which leads to allergic reactions in many people. In mild cases it involves dermatitis to the upper eyelids and rims of the ears. In more severe cases, it leads to reddening and swelling of the scalp and the face. In these cases the eyelids get completely closed and allergic contact dermatitis reactions set in. In the most severe cases, it is results in urticaria and may even lead to an anaphylaxis attack.

The need today is for a dermatologist friend who not only builds awareness about how to take care of our skin, but also helps us choose the right product that suits our individual skin type. We need someone to guide us correctly so that we do not fall prey to the misleading promises made by cosmetic companies and suffer skin allergies as a result.

Realizing the importance of dermatologists in our daily life, the World Leader In Natural Dyes, AMA Herbal Laboratories Private Limited, the makers of the world’s first PPD Free Hair Colour, Vegetal Bio Colour, launched the Vegetal Wellness Clinic concept.

Vegetal Wellness Clinic is a bridge between the people and the dermatologist, working towards the wellness of the whole community. Only the dermatologist’s guidance in choosing the right product according to skin type can result in a glowing and healthy skin. This is the aim of the Vegetal Wellness Clinic.

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